Vin Santo - Castello sonnino
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Vin santo of Chianti DOC
De renzis Sonnino (Red label)

80% Trebbiano, 20% Malvasia
The winery has aways been very proud of his vinsantos. Produced using the traditional method . A choice of Malvasia, Trebbiano and Canaiolo. The grapes selected lie on mats for a minimum of 4 months , in order to obtain the maximum of dryness. The pressed juice remains in “caratelli” of different sizes for 5 years. After carefully choosin specific caratelli only the finest is bottled. Extensively complex and high level of oxidation create one of the best vinsanto’s in Tuscany

Area of production: The vineyards of Montespertoli property
Altitude s.l.m.: 290 m.
Nature of soil: limestone
Date of harvest: Middle of September
Containers for fermentation: Barriques and Caratelli
Fermentation Period: 60 months
Bottle aging: no aging
Number of bottles: 4.000